Presenting some of the forthcoming Special Sessions (part II)

Imaginative Transformations Upon Sustainable Futures

This hybrid session broadens the debate on building more ecologically, culturally, and socially sustainable futures. What is now urgently needed, is to bring forth new approaches, methods, and tools that will help us to transform the values and belief systems based on which we create our visions and/or images of the future.

This hybrid session will take place on Friday 17 June at 9:00–10:30.

Dutch Future Elections – The Future Belongs to Everyone

In this hybrid session we will learn about the project ‘Dutch futures election’, which was held in March 2022 in the Netherlands. It has a mission to offer as many people as possible the space to make the future an active part of their lives. What does it take to actively relate to the future?

This hybrid session will take place on Friday 17 June at 10:45–12:00.

Imagining After Capitalism

This special hybrid session is conducted by Associate Professor Andy Hines from University of Houston (US). During the session we will review Dr. Hines’ work in developing three guiding images for life after the end of today’s capitalist socio-economic system. It will include a review of how futurists approach such a question and walk participants through the process used to generate these images, as well as discussing the images themselves.

This hybrid session will take place on Friday 17 June at 13:00–13:50.

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