Welcome to the 22nd Futures Conference.

Earth’s systems are undergoing drastic transformations due to climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and other human-caused environmental pressures. These changes are expected to introduce profound challenges for people and the rest of Earth’s life over the coming decades as various planetary system limits are crossed.

The event is organised on a hybrid mode during 15-17 June 2022

Futures Conference 2022 focuses on the wide variety of ways people imagine planetary futures to inform their ambitions to produce general health and wellbeing in our societies. This conference explores questions such as: How can people today identify new pathways for fostering the conditions and behaviours that allow human and non-human life to thrive? How can health and wellbeing for humans and other species be supported at planetary scale? What structures and actions are needed to produce a sufficient level of human wellbeing at the global level to improve our socio-ecological resilience?

Futures Conference 2022 Keynote Speakers:

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The ’Planetary Futures’ conference will create a cross-disciplinary platform where participants can meet, share, and discuss new ideas concerning health and wellbeing in relation to planetary sustainability. We aim to share the latest research results in futures research and promote networking between people from different backgrounds.

”Well managed conference. Delightful to see so many interactive workshops included in the program.”
Participant, 2021

”Generally a great event – enjoyed the sessions. Thanks for organising!” Participant, 2021

”Fantastic inclusive conference – good networking time and range of topics.”
Participant, 2021

”One of the best zoom experiences I’ve ever had.”
Participant, 2020

”Humor was cultivated appropriately in different contexts. I think it is related to the ”Personality of Turku”. Futures research is a wonderful opportunity to meet highly multidisciplinary experts.”
Participant, 2019

”I was really happy to get the opportunity to run a workshop. It was nice to have many workshops as part of the program, to have opportunities to experience new tools and methods and reflect on them together. I also thought the number of participants were rather good – I am not so fond of conferences that are too big, and I think this size was nice to get to know some people.”
Participant, 2019

The event will be organised in the City of Turku – the oldest city of Finland, celebrating its 800th anniversary in 2029.


University of Turku
Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)
Finland Futures Academy (FFA)

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University of Turku
Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)

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